Welcome to BlackDog Computer

Unexpected error?  What error were you expecting?  The problem is, we’ve come to expect the unexpected errors.  Whether the cause is outdated systems, incompatible hardware or unresponsive IT support, we seem to accept less than standard reliability from our computer systems.  You’ve come to the right place.  BlackDog computer experts are ready to take all your technology problems off your hands.  Please call us at 301.962.8015 or email support@blackdogcomputer.net

You're Probably Here Because:

  • Your computer just crashed and you are searching for a fast, professional service with decent rates
  • You want to save or transfer some files from your crashed hard drive and you don't want to pay thousands of dollars for data recovery services
  • You need a bigger hard drive or more memory
  • You have just discovered that your computer has a virus, spyware or adware and you want a professional to get rid of it
  • You want to setup a network to telecommute and be able to share files and printers
  • You need somebody to help you setting up your new software or hardware etc.